Sonos Outdoor - Weatherproof Wireless Speakers

Sonos Outdoor speakers are weatherproof wireless speakers designed to provide high-quality audio for your outdoor spaces. With their durable construction and weather-resistant materials, these speakers can withstand the elements while delivering exceptional sound quality.

These outdoor speakers are engineered to provide clear, detailed audio even in large outdoor spaces. They feature a powerful woofer and tweeter that work together to produce a rich, full sound with deep bass and crisp highs. The speakers are compatible with the Sonos ecosystem, allowing you to integrate them seamlessly into your existing Sonos audio setup.

Setting up your Sonos Outdoor speakers is simple, thanks to the Sonos app. The app guides you through the setup process and makes it easy to customize your audio settings. With Trueplay tuning technology, the speakers automatically adjust their sound to the specific acoustics of your outdoor space, ensuring optimal audio performance.

Upgrade your outdoor audio experience with the Sonos Outdoor weatherproof wireless speakers. Enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, and more with high-quality sound that withstands the elements and enhances your outdoor living space.

Sonos Outdoor - Weatherproof Wireless Speakers


  • 1. Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches

    2. Weight: 8.8 pounds

    3. Connectivity: Requires Sonos Amp for power and connection

    4. Weather Resistance: Weatherproof and UV-resistant materials


  • 1. Weatherproof and durable construction for outdoor use.

    2. High-quality audio with powerful woofer and tweeter.

    3. Seamless integration with the Sonos ecosystem.

    4. Easy setup and customization with the Sonos app.


  • 1. Requires a Sonos Amp for power and connectivity.

    2. Higher price point compared to some other outdoor speakers.

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