Craftsman CMEW231 - Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum

The Craftsman CMEW231 Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum is a powerful and versatile cleaning solution for your garage, workshop, or home. With a 6-gallon capacity and a 3.5 peak horsepower motor, this shop vacuum is capable of tackling a wide range of wet and dry messes with ease.

This heavy-duty shop vacuum features a large on/off switch for easy operation, and the built-in casters allow for effortless mobility. The 7-foot hose, 10-foot power cord, and three extension wands provide the reach necessary for cleaning large areas or hard-to-reach spaces.

The Craftsman CMEW231 comes equipped with a variety of useful accessories, including a crevice tool, utility nozzle, and car nozzle, making it suitable for various cleaning tasks. The vacuum also has a built-in blower port for removing leaves, grass clippings, and other debris from outdoor spaces.

With its sturdy construction and powerful performance, the Craftsman CMEW231 Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum is a reliable and efficient cleaning tool for any garage, workshop, or home.

Craftsman CMEW231 - Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum


  • 1. Motor: 3.5 peak horsepower

    2. Capacity: 6 gallons

    3. Hose Length: 7 feet

    4. Power Cord Length: 10 feet

    5. Weight: 16.8 lbs


  • 1. Powerful 3.5 peak horsepower motor for wet and dry messes.

    2. Large 6-gallon capacity.

    3. Easy mobility with built-in casters.

    4. Variety of accessories for versatile cleaning.

    5. Built-in blower port for outdoor use.


  • 1. Hose may be too short for some users.

    2. Noisy operation.

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